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What is Respiratory Care Profession?

Respiratory care is an allied health care specialty that offers a set of unique health care services in the areas of prevention, treatment, management, and rehabilitation for people with cardiopulmonary diseases. 


What is Respiratory Therapist?

Respiratory therapists (RTs) are highly skilled health care specialists. They work with doctors and other health care professionals to care for patients with cardiopulmonary disorders by assessing, implementing, and management of their treatment plan. Respiratory therapists have specialized medical expertise and use advanced medical technology such as mechanical ventilation, pulmonary function testing, pulmonary diseases prevention & patient education and critical care. They are educated to treat all age groups, from newborns to the elderly.

RTs may work in:

  • Critical Care Units
  • General Words
  • Emergency Rooms
  • In-patient Clinics (Pulmonary Clinics)
  • Pulmonary Function Testing Lab
  • Sleep Lab
  • Rehabilitation Centers


How do I become a Respiratory Therapist?

You need to successfully complete an approved 5 years BS in respiratory care program offered in both governmental & privet colleges or universities. The program has to parts, the first part is 4 years didactic course which include science courses, basic medical science courses and specialized respiratory care courses with clinical practice. The second part is one-year internship.Once you successfully complete the program, you then need to pass the license exam offered by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.


List of Education Programs